WoodWindDesign offers ultra light, compact and safe instrument stands that will change your life (not my words).

Designed by a musician, for musicians, with feedback of musicians.
Browse, read, view the presentations or reviews and imagine how easy your life could be. Need a product that is not listed yet? Just let me know, you would not be the first one ending up testing a prototype.

Gijs van Leeuwen.

About WoodWindDesign

Three souls alas! at least are dwelling in my breast (J.W von Goethe, Faust 1)

When I left school in the mid seventies, and wanted to become a clarinettist (that’s my first soul), my father told me to at least consider a trade with better prospects than music.

(My grandfather referred to my aspirations as “cheerful poverty”).

Because I enjoyed most school subjects, but lacked a real plan B, I took a career test. Very much to my surprise, the conclusion was inevitable: I was advised to study industrial design.

I really did not see that coming. I had always been a poor draftsman and all my artistic energy was focused at playing the clarinet. Of course I had my share of building with Meccano and Lego as a kid, like all my friends, but I don’t remember anything special was achieved.

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